Friday, April 3, 2009

~HOHOHO (",)

Hurm,finally,im working on dis ting..Hengat nak escape jek..hehehe..Aiseh,soklan pe la nihh...Weh Zack,siot tol,suwo aku buat,tp die tak buat pon.Memang HAMPEH toll!!!!

  1. How old are you?::almost 24 years old...not reali old,i gess..*saje nak sdpkan aty sendiri..hehe..i started feeling uncomfortable since da 2nd digit of my age bigger than da 1st digit
  2. Are you single?::Huh,yup,still single and available..haha..*good,,now i can promote myself here..hehe
  3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?::20112011..Nice hah?thats why sum1 is trying to steal it..;P...*sorry,scott,the date is mine..i'll works on it.hehe
  4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?::Holla...can i leave dis ques blank?????
  5. If not, who do you want to marry?::Someone dat can be my SOULmate for d whole of my life...I'm definitely not looking for HOUSEMATE....*got wat i'm trying to say????
  6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?::Bridesmaid,of course la my bestest fwenzzzz...*ramai tuh,ala,pandai2 korg la o-som..hehe.Bestman?..No idea loh..*wep,can i take Abg BESTAMAN from uitm klate????hehe
  7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?::I reali love a GARDEN style..wah,full of WHITE N RED ROSESS...So kewl meh??
  8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?::Ayoo,ol of the ques too futuristic la..hehe..I gess,we are going to Mecca for honeymoon...why??? show my appreciation to GOD for sending me dis ^LUCKY^ person to me..And i'll pray reali hard for our heppiness + hoping dat we'll live happily everafter...
  9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?::there shud be many...but,i shud invite according to the list la...*takot overbudget plak t.hehe
  10. Will that include your exes?::EXES?????....those people that reali damn close to me probably noe d answer...*shhhh, P&C...AXES dilarang same skali yar...
  11. How many layers of cake do you want?::Three layers can ah??..Am i greedy??..pedulik pe,kawin skali je seumor idop...
  12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?::Morning of cossss,sebab org salu ckp REZEki selalo senang masuk di waktu pagi...lalalala...
  13. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding::Tercipta Untukku-UNGU + All M y Life-KC N JOJO
  14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?::Juz normal,spoon & fork,pki tangan lg afdall...
  15. Champagne or red wine?::None of them,I prefer SIRAP SELASIH or SIRAP BANDUNG...HEHE..wat else salu kat umah org kawin???traditional la skit..
  16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?::Days after the wedding la..penat la weyhhh..
  17. Money or household items?::I'll say BOTH...both are important ryte??hehe..tamak lagi..
  18. How many kids would you like to have?::Four..same like saliza...But,the more,the merrier..;P..
  19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?::Yup,of coursee,bcoz im afraid that either me or my partner will have prob wit our memories..*Ye la,sedangkan tyme mude2 nie pon ada org asik lupe jek...heheh..huh,zack mmg patot record,sbb die mmg PELUPE.
  20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know ?::zack,sue,and everyone who absolutely dun mind to share wit me..hehe


  1. hehehhehe i should thank zack fir this coz i really wanna know it =D

    i'll take the first turn for the bridesmaid!

  2. hoiiiiiiiiiiii sume ngutuk aku going to upgrade okehh..haha..aku tade mase nih..nnti turn aku plakk ehh..mlm2 kang ke..nih sungah kejap jekk...nk g jumpe customer sat lg..ngee :D

  3. las dpt gak aku bc zacknye plan..hehehe..weh,soklan2 nie soklan2 BERANGAN taw...nyampah aku...

    zack-u juz cant denied bout ur memories..hehehhe

    saliz-hahha,jgn tyme aku kwin ko xley jdk bridesmaid aku suda..ntah2 ko tgh bwk perot tyme tuh,xley la,t gmbo nmpk perot ko jek,muke aku yg tade..hampehhh

  4. mmg memories is very precious..aku je tau ape yg aku rase..ngee :D weh..kalo die ngndong,perut die dah tutup muke ko dahh..hahah