Monday, January 5, 2009

^ Butterfly ^


our friendship is just like a butterfly

we are friends since we were caterpillar

we grow our friendship with love,joy and happiness

which brings us closer

at the end of the day

our friendship is just like a butterfly

full of colours and will be remembered


* originally written by me in year 2003


  1. once upon a time, she wrote this to me n i said ''owh you're such a poet'' hee

  2. hhahahahha.Z,kantoi lak aku ley bpoet...talent yg da lame aku peram tue..benda tue pon da nek bkulat dlm file aku..hhehehehe..

    F.Y.I cik saliza,i wrote dis thing for you eyh..onest beb.u were d 1st tue kite da len class...ala,we used to exchange cute notes or cards that made by us..i still keep all dat stuff beb...

    but ryte now,i wud like to dedicate this special poet to all my fwenz,esp zack,scott,sue,mek...kwn2 tigs,kwn2 dib,and kwn2 bbaf..hhehehhehe..and everyone la..we shud appreciate our friendship...bcoz life witout fwenz = STRANGE...