Monday, January 5, 2009

Gudbye 2008 and welcome 2009...

Huh,i am a lil bit late to talk bout this ryte...but,i dun care...hhehhehhe...It is 2009 already..And im goin turn to be 24 years old this year...damn..quite old..hhhehhe...but dun worry because zack will be the one who will turns to be older first among us..hehhehehhe...opss,terbocor suda rahsia zack...soe fwen...

Year 2008,was full of an expected things that happened in my life...gud and bad things...where should i start?...starts with the gud things first i guess...In Mac of 2008,if i'm not mistaken,on 08.03.08 (election's day)...*hey,thank God i have a gud memory card...1 gig...tak macam zack or scott,still using 256mb....hehhehehe...i received a sms from sumone who known as john doe or jane doe at first....who didn't introduce him or herself to me.....ala,malas la nak wat suspens...hhehhehe..a guy actually...sumone who already missing or dissapeared from my life for quite a long times....about 3 years and a haf i guess...Sumone that quite close to me...and suddenly dissapeared because of this one stupid incident....that made me threw him away....far far away ....tetibe wat 'come back plak'...Ape perasaan saya tyme tue??..hard to rojak buah...macam-macam perasaan..i was a lil bit suprised + mad + glad +hangin + and rase cam de butterflies in my stomach....hehehehhe....Frankly speaking, i never dream that this thing will happens...very impossible to happen.Sebabnye i was the one who decided to give this friendship a full stop.A BIG full stop!I was the one who taught it was better for me to make the final decision before the person did...Being stucked in the middle, (like malcom in the middle),encouraged me to make the decision...Stop being F.R.I.E.N.D.S anymore was the best way at that time.

At first,i thought i was going to ignore that person and hoping that it was a nightmare...But the fact was it was REALITY.After seeking for some advice from a few of my friends, i decided to give him a second chance,accepted him back as my friend.Yup,everyone deserves a second chance.But not third chance,better appreciate it..

While in April,i got a brand new small orange car named Ogy.Eventhough it is not an expensive car but for me it still expensive because i dont have enough money to buy one.But this car is not mine.It is for my siblings.Thank God,at last we got one!

The bad thing is...keta oren itu telah eksiden untuk kali ke-2 untuk mase yg blum ckup setahun pon..hehehheheh.Nak wat camne,the thing was already happened.My final results also not reali gud.Cukup untuk membuatkan aku kecewa dengan diri sendiri.Tp ble pikir2,who shud i blame?????The answer is still the,myself and i...i try to be positive..Because i believe that, "WheN SuMtHiNg bAd hApPens,SuMtHiNg gOOd wIlL CoMeS FrOm it".....mAY GOD bLeSs Me....adios...


  1. yeha...welqam2..kekek...wah..sunguh pekat backgroug..weh..i've upgrading my memory turn to 2gb i think..hahaha...siolan betul la..keke....aku tak marah at all.hey,who this guy?i think i know him la..hahahaha wink3.."i know him better than u farra!~" haha..remember this word?keke

  2. huhu aku bukan 'think think' je z..i absolutely know the guy she's talking about =p si sengal yang penah hadir didalam hidup farah hahahahehhee =p pergi dan datang kembali cheewaaaaahhh

  3. haloo everybody!!!!
    z,yar,u r ryte my dear, u noe him better than me..tak ley dsangkalkan,sesape out there nak taw psl dat guy,ley la tny cik z di ats sane..she's got everthing in her new 2 gig memory card..hhehehe

    scott,well,i oso wondering why my life is alwiz have sumthing related to dis ^sengal^ person?got the answer?..huh,only GOD knows why...